Sunday, March 25, 2018

How I Make Money Online

Can you really make money from the internet? Most are skeptical, some are hopeful and few know the tricks of trade. I'm here to share my secrets with you and how you can squeeze money from your computer/tablet or smartphone. 

Over the years I have spent countless hours and signing up for site after site. My email filling up with offer after offer, I'm sure we have all been there right? After all my hardwork and efforts have finally paid off! NOW to share with you all!

While there are many ways to make legitimate money from home, I want to start with the easiest of them all, paid survey sites. NO, you don't pay for them, they PAY YOU and they're free to join! Heres my favorite survey sites.

  • Survey Rewardz
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Survey Junkie
  • Cash Crate

  • Survey Rewardz - one of my top favorites because you can hit the payout threshold $5.00 pretty quick. They have tons of surveys that you will qualify for if you take your time and answer all the questions honestly. This site likes to toss in trick questions which is pretty humorous if you're paying attention. I have no doubt you will love this site. 

    Inbox Dollars - a new favorite of mine, gives you $5.00 just for joining! You can earn by shopping, taking surveys, and reading emails. Thats right, just open up and confirm their emails and you're earning money. You also earn from watching videos or "checking in" at your favorite locations. Even if you forget about they will send you a quick notification so you dont miss out on your rewards (app only). 
    Signup here to start earning. 
    Inbox Dollars Site
    Download the app for quick access and to recieve notifications so you don't miss out on earnings.
    Android App
    iOS App

    Survey Junkie - love this site. Earn points whether you qualify for a survey or not. Its not as many pts but hey it adds up just the same. They have a count down meter that shows you how many points are needed until you cash out $10.00, I love this feature very motivational. They send quick 1 minute surveys where you can earn pts as well. 
    Sign Up here for Suvey Junkie

    Cash Crate - great site if you like earning while doing fun things like entering contests, getting paid to search, playing games and getting paid for referrals. I love referrals and you should too! A must join site start earning today.


    Saturday, March 17, 2018

    Trial Offer Referral Sites, Do They Work?

    I truly had no idea there were sites made just for referrals. Now, I know the idea is to get people to test out products and possibly buy the products or services offered but what a great incentive! Refer others to complete offers and you get paid to do it!! WoW!
    I have been sent to a few over the past couple months and now I am going to share with you the great phenomenon that is...Trial Offer Networks.

    It seems alot of these sites come from the same LFK Products. LFK Products LLC is an advertising publisher that has been in business since January 2009, and has paid out millions of dollars to thousands of people just like you. Weird as it may seem these sites are big hit and everyday people are earning money online everyday. 

    These sites are pretty simple to follow
    1st you sign up with accurate information (email, name, address, payment info). 

    2nd you complete offers. Each offer has a set amount of credits attached to the offer, when you complete that offer you acquire those credits. 

    3rd you reach the required amount of credits listed for the site you are currently on. (Credit amounts vary site to site) 

    4th you're ready to send out your referral link and make some money. Each referral you obtain must reach required credit amount as well before you receive your referral pay.

    If you love getting extra money then these sites are perfect. You can send out your referral link when you decide, when you have the time to make money. How much money, you ask? That depends on which site you choose to sign up with. Lets go over the sites. 

    Now before you get excited and run to signup with all these sites let me tell you this one thing. Alot of the offers are similar and you can only complete each offer 1 time, keep that in mind when choosing which site to sign up with. 

    Each of these sites you will need 1 credit before referring your people. The lower the payout the fewer offers you will need to complete. You got it, the higher the payout the more offers you will need to complete. While you can signup to every site offered you will need to use the same email address for each site be sure to read all the rules so you can receive payments quickly. 


    The earning potential is unreal and quite exciting if I'm being honest. I wish I could signup with them all but there are too many. My fav referral programs are IncentAPrize Senior Associate, with 1 credit  and $20.00 referral. QuickZnz. Its right in the middle of not having too many offers to complete and you only have to get .50 credits for $27.00 referrals. 

    What are you waiting for? Go make some money with this newly found method! 

    Referral programs not for you? Thats ok sign up with my fav survey site 

    Monday, March 12, 2018

    Should You Join CallCenter QA?

    Photo by Shopify

    Hi again, let me tell you about CallCenter QA. I was wondering the same thing about CallCenter QA is it real, do they pay?

    I was pleasantly surprised when I received my pay on time as described. Which I have come to find is not very common with work from home jobs. I was really rather excited and wanted to share this opportunity.

    CallCenter QA is a mystery shopping call center, where you call various company and evaluate customer service and knowledge then report your findings back to the company. Easy right?


    • They Pay $5 per call
    • They Pay On Time
    • Easy tasks
    • Flexible Hrs
    • Call availability 
    • Out of service or area numbers
    If you have the opportunity to get in with CallCenter QA don't do what I did, which is complete 1 or 2 calls to see if it is a legit online company. Please do take advantage of this opportunity and complete all the calls given to you and earn that money. Rest assured you will be paid. 

    Photo by Shopify

    The Process
    When you apply with CallCenter QA you will be asked to complete a test call and fill out an evaluation form to be approved. Once you're approved you will receive a list of calls to complete, all instructions included in the email. 
    Just complete each call as directed and follow-up with the evaluation forms and that's it, all done. 

    The company makes it very clear that this is not a "job" just a way to make extra money. Its the easiest money you will make. The bad thing is the calls available are limited so when you receive them be sure to do complete them all so you aren't missing out on the cash. 

    They pay direct to paypal, be sure you have an account. Complete the calls when you have time, but check the time availability also some business do not accept calls after certain hours or on the weekends.

    I would highly recommend applying if you're looking for extra cash. I use this site often and its one I will be sticking with. Check out more reviews about this company on Glassdoor.

    As always your feedback is appreciated please leave your experience with this company or if you have job you would like reviewed let me know. 

    More Reviews

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    Saturday, March 10, 2018

    Fast Money Tricks You Probably Didn't Know

     Start Your Free Trial Today
    Start Your Free Trial Today

    I am a frequent visitor of money making forums on social media. In the past few months I have observed alot of legit and not so legit side money gigs. I wanted to take a moment and share with you all the multiple opportunities I have come across.

    Several of these sites or apps have allowed memebers to recoup hundreds and some thousands of dollars, which is quite surprising. Let me give you some of the secrets and maybe you too can put some cash in your pocket tonight.

    Here is a quick list and we will review them further down below.

    Now that we have the "popular" list, lets go a little deeper into each shall we?

    Dosh is an app that gives you cash back on qualifying purchasing. Which, in itself is a great savings, however, members seem to be raking in the money by utilizing the Dosh referral program. Refer a friend and recieve either a $5.00 or $10.00 bonus. The referral amount may vary depending on their promotion for the current month. You can cash out that referral money to a Paypal account.

    Cash App is an app that enable you to send money instantly between you and your family or friends. Want to send money, just plug in their CashTag and hit send, fast and reliable. Cashout instantly to your bank with zero fees. Want to get free cash with Cash App use their referral program. Invite friends and you both get $5.00 when your friend sends $5.00. You can really earn big bucks if you have tons of friends and family. (Need a reward code? Use mine BHXSLXV)

    Circle Pay is an app the enables you to send money between friends and family. Sending money is as easy putting in an email address to another Circle Pay user. Invite new members and you both will receive a $5.00 bonus after the new member sends $25.00. Send back and forth for quicker rewards. The money really starts to add up quickly. (Need a Promo code? Use mine 71P4C3)

    Level Rewards is a website. Its a little different and is mainly a referral based program to promote specific products and services. Their referral rewards are based on a credit level system. The higher your credit level is the more referral pay you are eligible to recieve. In order to increase your credits you must complete or fulfill the offers available to you. You can complete free offers or paid offers to increase your credits. The offers consist of different services and products, there are several. Once you have a 1 credit or above your able to recieve $5.00 for each referral. A little different but non the less a great money maker.

    ZipNadaZilch is another great referral website. Is it also based on credit levels, but the minimum credit requirement is .50 credits. Accumulate credits by completing the offer available to you. Also, you get a higher referral payments bigger variety of payment methods including electronics. ZipNadaZilch has multiple sites that offer different prizes so be sure to check out the prize page and see whats available to you.

    There are several ways to put extra money in your pocket and I plan on adding to the list as time goes by and I uncover these jewels. For now this should help you out if you refer to your friends and family. 

    Be on the look out for my next review of how to make money on the side. As always your feedback is welcome. Please leave your quick money makers in the comments we love hearing from you!

    Sunday, March 4, 2018

    Real Review of MysteryShopGigs

    Hi, I'm sure if you're here your curious about Are they real or fake? This work from home opportunity is performing "gigs" either from your smart phone or computer.

    I have been searching and trying out jobs like these to see if how legitimate they are and lets say MysteryShopGigs gave me a run for my money (even though its free). Let me first tell you that this company requires you to do small simple tasks called gigs and when you complete the gig you get a $5.00 payment to PayPal or check whichever you choose.

    Gigs consist of either making phone calls for evaluating customer service and knowledge. Or performing tasks online such as watch, comment, or share videos on social media outlets.  Either gig you receive to perform you must submit your reviews of the call or website in order to get paid. Easy enough right?

    Their website claims payments are made within 24 - 48hrs after completion. However, this was not the case with me as well as others who shared their complaints on the companies forum. I will say that after almost 4 weeks I did finally recieve my pay. After several emails and multiple post on their forum. This, however is not the end of my situation.

    Referral Program:
    Ah yes, the beloved referral program! This company advertises their referral program as  $5 per referral. Referral must complete their test call + their 1st gig in order for the referee to qualify for referral pay. HOWEVER, this is not the case for me.

    Upon signing up, in your back office you are issued a referral code/link to use to get others reffered to the company. Also, there is a section that shows all your referrals information. Lets say after several referrals there was never information in my referral section in my back office. Even after staying in contact with a few of my referrals knowing they passed their test gig, still no information was there for me to submit for referral pay. Email after email and still to this day no resolution for my issue.

    Now, I won't say this is a fake site. It is legitmate and maybe it's just my bad luck with work from home sites. However, I am not alone in having issues with the company. I'll even give credit where credit is due, mysteryshopgigs was/is updating their systems and software. As expected some issues may arise, but the lack of personal communication and lack of resolution to the issues that arise does put a bad light on the company.

    If they are able to fix these issues and work on better communication, it would be a great source for extra income. But based on my experience I can't say this is dependable income. So signup at your own risk, its a small time investment for the work.

    If you have your own experience with MysteryShopGigs please feel free to share in the comment section. Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Monday, February 26, 2018

    Motor Club of America MCA Review

    Reviewing the latest work from home jobs so you don't have too

    So, you're interested in learning more about the Motor Club of America or MCA. Are you wondering if it's a real opportunity or just another scam? Can you really make the money they promise in their ads? Well, I'm here to tell you the truth about MCA.

    Let me first say that I am an "associate" of MCA, so I can give you a little insight about the company. I signed up for free through MCA's partner TVC Matrix and although I don't regret signing up for free, I can't help but wonder if it hindered my ability to connect to a great sponsor who would help with marketing tips and get sells.

    Great sponsors are hard to come by and so many associates just want to get sign ups and commissions and leave you hanging not knowing what your next step is to making your own commissions. If you're searching for a sponsor that is going to help you, do your due diligence and ask lots of questions upfront regarding the support you will receive. Don't be afraid to ask for references from their team or some kind of proof of training.

    Getting Started
    Before getting started with MCA there are a few important details to know that most sponsors don't tell you especially if you're paying for your membership. As an associate you will be required to submit tax information. You may be required to get licensed by your state depending on which state you currently reside. There may be additional fees pertaining to such licensing and they vary state to state as well. However, if you live in an area where you are required to be licensed MCA will allow you accrue commissions until they recieve your paperwork. After all your forms are submitted then your commissions will be paid out accordingly.

    MCA provides several hours of free training, also you can get additional paid training if that's something you're interested in. I cant give any feedback on the paid training I chose not to invest in that aspect of the company.

    The more popular way of signing up is through the purchase of a membership. Memberships are listed below: (click here for more detailed plan information)

    • Security  $9.95
    • Security Plus $14.95
    • Total Security $19.95

    Getting memberships is how you make those big commissions. Each membership pays you 200% commission on each sell. So, if you sell a membership worth $39.90 you will receive a commission of $79.80. Seems crazy right? Let me explain how this is possible. You're  getting what is called an "advanced commission", which is the entire amount of the commission you would earn over a 17 month time span. Instead of getting a small commission over 17 months you get 1 lump sum of commission that isn't earned yet, hence the "advance" part.

    Charge Backs
    Over the 17 months if your member decides to cancel you get what is called a "charge back" where MCA deducts the amount owed by the member back to you. MCA does charge backs because they have already paid you for life of the policy and when the member cancels there is no way to recoup those funds. MCA will deduct these funds from your future commission payout and only for the amount that is due until the 17months is finished. MCA will not deduct more than 50% of the commission so they will not deduct more than $40 per charge back. They do offer charge back protection however you must have a certain amount of memberships each month to qualify for the protection, I believe its 15 memberships per month.

    How do you get membership sign ups? Its not so easy, I say. The easiest part is when you sign up for free or with a membership account you receive several free websites and referral links to plant in ads on every social media outlet available to you. There are other types of promotional material available such as business cards, flyers, video, and more to help promote your sells volume.

    Just posting ads doesn't guarantee any memberships. In reality you could spend all day posting ads posting ads and never get a single membership sold. You have to have a special quirk or attention grabbing material in order to spark the interest of your customer base. Some "flash the cash" while others insinuate you will make a fortune. Either way the truth is without ALOT of work and alot of good marketing you probably will not make any money. In fact you could be posting ads after ads all week and never get a sign up.

    Now that doesn't mean people aren't making money with MCA. There are several associates who have found their calling with MCA and can get there sign ups with no issues. It is definitely enticing, heck even one $80.00 commission a week would be nice, right? But, I promise they hustle everyday to get to where they are making excellent commissions.
    MCA won't be for everybody it wasn't for me but i cant knock others for giving it a go.

    Is MCA real? Yes. Can you make those big commissions? Yes, with alot of hard work and dedication, but most will not so be realistic when and if you decide to get started.

    If you would like to sign up free click here and check it out.

    As always your feedback is appreciated. If you have an experience with MCA you would like to share please do so in the comment section.

    Saturday, February 24, 2018

    CTFO CBD and Hemp Business Review

    Reviewing the latest work from home jobs so you don't have too. 

    I'm sure you're all wondering about this new brand of CBD products by CTFO right? CTFO recently launched their line of CBD products in January of 2018 and it seems to be gaining ground in MLM circles.  Excited new members are signing up each day, do you want to know why?

    First I'll start off by saying, CTFO is a legitimate MLM company with thousands of memebers, myself included. The CBD business is expected to explode over the next couple of years becoming a multi-billion dollar industry according to Forbes and everybody wants their piece of the pie.

    If you're wondering whats so great about CTFO I'll tell you. Aside from their products, the best attributes pertaining to becoming a member of CTFO:

    •  no singup fees
    •  no inventory to buy
    •  no website fees 
    •  no work schedules

    What happens after you signup, you ask.. signing up includes filling out a short information form, quickly after submitting you receive an email welcoming you to the team. Inside the email includes:

    • Id Number
    • User name
    • Personal websites
    • Login for your back office
    Once you have familiarized yourself with all the tools and information provided, the marketing and selling begin. There are 2 main objectives to complete, recruiting new CTFO members and selling the products. 

    Recruiting new members to your team can either be done through friends, acquaintances, family or by posting help wanted ads on various media outlets. Please note, when you recruit team members you will then be their sponsor and partially obligated to helping them succeed. After all, their success is your success. 

    Now that you have your website you're ready to sell to the products by directing traffic to your website either through word of mouth or social media outlets. Create a presence for your business on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and promote your sites to gain an audience and sell. You can also purchase the products yourself and try them out.

    CTFO's payscale is copywrited, its one of kind and pretty elaborate so if you would like more information see the CTFO Pay Plan video. Please Note, in order to qualify for the Regenerating Matrix and Infinity Bonus Pay you must have a qualifying order. A qualifying order is either a purchase by you $49.97 or above. The Uni-level pay will always be paid to you

    CTFO offers a wide variety of product from CBD oil to anti-aging cream all the way to pet CBD products. They offer high quality products which hold several badges of honor which include:

    • Good Manufacturing Practice
    • Made in the USA
    • Organically Grown
    • THC Free
    • PETA Cruelty Free

    Thanks for taking the time to read my review, overall I would say CTFO is a great starting point when joining an MLM business. As always your feedback is important. Tell me your experience with CTFO and if you have any feedback on the products I would love to hear from you as well. 

    To learn more about CBD and its benefits click here

    To see a full list of products click here

    If you are interested in signing up to become a CTFO member click here



    How I Make Money Online

    Can you really make money from the internet? Most are skeptical, some are hopeful and few know the tricks of trade. I'm here to share m...