Saturday, February 24, 2018

CTFO CBD and Hemp Business Review

Reviewing the latest work from home jobs so you don't have too. 

I'm sure you're all wondering about this new brand of CBD products by CTFO right? CTFO recently launched their line of CBD products in January of 2018 and it seems to be gaining ground in MLM circles.  Excited new members are signing up each day, do you want to know why?

First I'll start off by saying, CTFO is a legitimate MLM company with thousands of memebers, myself included. The CBD business is expected to explode over the next couple of years becoming a multi-billion dollar industry according to Forbes and everybody wants their piece of the pie.

If you're wondering whats so great about CTFO I'll tell you. Aside from their products, the best attributes pertaining to becoming a member of CTFO:

  •  no singup fees
  •  no inventory to buy
  •  no website fees 
  •  no work schedules

What happens after you signup, you ask.. signing up includes filling out a short information form, quickly after submitting you receive an email welcoming you to the team. Inside the email includes:

  • Id Number
  • User name
  • Personal websites
  • Login for your back office
Once you have familiarized yourself with all the tools and information provided, the marketing and selling begin. There are 2 main objectives to complete, recruiting new CTFO members and selling the products. 

Recruiting new members to your team can either be done through friends, acquaintances, family or by posting help wanted ads on various media outlets. Please note, when you recruit team members you will then be their sponsor and partially obligated to helping them succeed. After all, their success is your success. 

Now that you have your website you're ready to sell to the products by directing traffic to your website either through word of mouth or social media outlets. Create a presence for your business on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and promote your sites to gain an audience and sell. You can also purchase the products yourself and try them out.

CTFO's payscale is copywrited, its one of kind and pretty elaborate so if you would like more information see the CTFO Pay Plan video. Please Note, in order to qualify for the Regenerating Matrix and Infinity Bonus Pay you must have a qualifying order. A qualifying order is either a purchase by you $49.97 or above. The Uni-level pay will always be paid to you

CTFO offers a wide variety of product from CBD oil to anti-aging cream all the way to pet CBD products. They offer high quality products which hold several badges of honor which include:

  • Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Made in the USA
  • Organically Grown
  • THC Free
  • PETA Cruelty Free

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, overall I would say CTFO is a great starting point when joining an MLM business. As always your feedback is important. Tell me your experience with CTFO and if you have any feedback on the products I would love to hear from you as well. 

To learn more about CBD and its benefits click here

To see a full list of products click here

If you are interested in signing up to become a CTFO member click here




  1. I had never seen nor heard of them before. I love that it is organic

  2. Very interesting! It has started to be big in my area. My dad's friend has a store selling it.

  3. I never heard of this company, but I have read of all the benefits of products like these. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You lost me, friend. I mean, I assume I get what youre declaring. I understand what you are saying, but you just seem to have forgotten about that there are some other people within the world who see this issue for what it really is and might not agree with you. You may possibly be turning away many of folks who might have been followers of your web site.

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