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Motor Club of America MCA Review

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So, you're interested in learning more about the Motor Club of America or MCA. Are you wondering if it's a real opportunity or just another scam? Can you really make the money they promise in their ads? Well, I'm here to tell you the truth about MCA.

Let me first say that I am an "associate" of MCA, so I can give you a little insight about the company. I signed up for free through MCA's partner TVC Matrix and although I don't regret signing up for free, I can't help but wonder if it hindered my ability to connect to a great sponsor who would help with marketing tips and get sells.

Great sponsors are hard to come by and so many associates just want to get sign ups and commissions and leave you hanging not knowing what your next step is to making your own commissions. If you're searching for a sponsor that is going to help you, do your due diligence and ask lots of questions upfront regarding the support you will receive. Don't be afraid to ask for references from their team or some kind of proof of training.

Getting Started
Before getting started with MCA there are a few important details to know that most sponsors don't tell you especially if you're paying for your membership. As an associate you will be required to submit tax information. You may be required to get licensed by your state depending on which state you currently reside. There may be additional fees pertaining to such licensing and they vary state to state as well. However, if you live in an area where you are required to be licensed MCA will allow you accrue commissions until they recieve your paperwork. After all your forms are submitted then your commissions will be paid out accordingly.

MCA provides several hours of free training, also you can get additional paid training if that's something you're interested in. I cant give any feedback on the paid training I chose not to invest in that aspect of the company.

The more popular way of signing up is through the purchase of a membership. Memberships are listed below: (click here for more detailed plan information)

  • Security  $9.95
  • Security Plus $14.95
  • Total Security $19.95

Getting memberships is how you make those big commissions. Each membership pays you 200% commission on each sell. So, if you sell a membership worth $39.90 you will receive a commission of $79.80. Seems crazy right? Let me explain how this is possible. You're  getting what is called an "advanced commission", which is the entire amount of the commission you would earn over a 17 month time span. Instead of getting a small commission over 17 months you get 1 lump sum of commission that isn't earned yet, hence the "advance" part.

Charge Backs
Over the 17 months if your member decides to cancel you get what is called a "charge back" where MCA deducts the amount owed by the member back to you. MCA does charge backs because they have already paid you for life of the policy and when the member cancels there is no way to recoup those funds. MCA will deduct these funds from your future commission payout and only for the amount that is due until the 17months is finished. MCA will not deduct more than 50% of the commission so they will not deduct more than $40 per charge back. They do offer charge back protection however you must have a certain amount of memberships each month to qualify for the protection, I believe its 15 memberships per month.

How do you get membership sign ups? Its not so easy, I say. The easiest part is when you sign up for free or with a membership account you receive several free websites and referral links to plant in ads on every social media outlet available to you. There are other types of promotional material available such as business cards, flyers, video, and more to help promote your sells volume.

Just posting ads doesn't guarantee any memberships. In reality you could spend all day posting ads posting ads and never get a single membership sold. You have to have a special quirk or attention grabbing material in order to spark the interest of your customer base. Some "flash the cash" while others insinuate you will make a fortune. Either way the truth is without ALOT of work and alot of good marketing you probably will not make any money. In fact you could be posting ads after ads all week and never get a sign up.

Now that doesn't mean people aren't making money with MCA. There are several associates who have found their calling with MCA and can get there sign ups with no issues. It is definitely enticing, heck even one $80.00 commission a week would be nice, right? But, I promise they hustle everyday to get to where they are making excellent commissions.
MCA won't be for everybody it wasn't for me but i cant knock others for giving it a go.

Is MCA real? Yes. Can you make those big commissions? Yes, with alot of hard work and dedication, but most will not so be realistic when and if you decide to get started.

If you would like to sign up free click here and check it out.

As always your feedback is appreciated. If you have an experience with MCA you would like to share please do so in the comment section.

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