Saturday, March 17, 2018

Trial Offer Referral Sites, Do They Work?

I truly had no idea there were sites made just for referrals. Now, I know the idea is to get people to test out products and possibly buy the products or services offered but what a great incentive! Refer others to complete offers and you get paid to do it!! WoW!
I have been sent to a few over the past couple months and now I am going to share with you the great phenomenon that is...Trial Offer Networks.

It seems alot of these sites come from the same LFK Products. LFK Products LLC is an advertising publisher that has been in business since January 2009, and has paid out millions of dollars to thousands of people just like you. Weird as it may seem these sites are big hit and everyday people are earning money online everyday. 

These sites are pretty simple to follow
1st you sign up with accurate information (email, name, address, payment info). 

2nd you complete offers. Each offer has a set amount of credits attached to the offer, when you complete that offer you acquire those credits. 

3rd you reach the required amount of credits listed for the site you are currently on. (Credit amounts vary site to site) 

4th you're ready to send out your referral link and make some money. Each referral you obtain must reach required credit amount as well before you receive your referral pay.

If you love getting extra money then these sites are perfect. You can send out your referral link when you decide, when you have the time to make money. How much money, you ask? That depends on which site you choose to sign up with. Lets go over the sites. 

Now before you get excited and run to signup with all these sites let me tell you this one thing. Alot of the offers are similar and you can only complete each offer 1 time, keep that in mind when choosing which site to sign up with. 

Each of these sites you will need 1 credit before referring your people. The lower the payout the fewer offers you will need to complete. You got it, the higher the payout the more offers you will need to complete. While you can signup to every site offered you will need to use the same email address for each site be sure to read all the rules so you can receive payments quickly. 


The earning potential is unreal and quite exciting if I'm being honest. I wish I could signup with them all but there are too many. My fav referral programs are IncentAPrize Senior Associate, with 1 credit  and $20.00 referral. QuickZnz. Its right in the middle of not having too many offers to complete and you only have to get .50 credits for $27.00 referrals. 

What are you waiting for? Go make some money with this newly found method! 

Referral programs not for you? Thats ok sign up with my fav survey site 

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