Sunday, March 4, 2018

Real Review of MysteryShopGigs

Hi, I'm sure if you're here your curious about Are they real or fake? This work from home opportunity is performing "gigs" either from your smart phone or computer.

I have been searching and trying out jobs like these to see if how legitimate they are and lets say MysteryShopGigs gave me a run for my money (even though its free). Let me first tell you that this company requires you to do small simple tasks called gigs and when you complete the gig you get a $5.00 payment to PayPal or check whichever you choose.

Gigs consist of either making phone calls for evaluating customer service and knowledge. Or performing tasks online such as watch, comment, or share videos on social media outlets.  Either gig you receive to perform you must submit your reviews of the call or website in order to get paid. Easy enough right?

Their website claims payments are made within 24 - 48hrs after completion. However, this was not the case with me as well as others who shared their complaints on the companies forum. I will say that after almost 4 weeks I did finally recieve my pay. After several emails and multiple post on their forum. This, however is not the end of my situation.

Referral Program:
Ah yes, the beloved referral program! This company advertises their referral program as  $5 per referral. Referral must complete their test call + their 1st gig in order for the referee to qualify for referral pay. HOWEVER, this is not the case for me.

Upon signing up, in your back office you are issued a referral code/link to use to get others reffered to the company. Also, there is a section that shows all your referrals information. Lets say after several referrals there was never information in my referral section in my back office. Even after staying in contact with a few of my referrals knowing they passed their test gig, still no information was there for me to submit for referral pay. Email after email and still to this day no resolution for my issue.

Now, I won't say this is a fake site. It is legitmate and maybe it's just my bad luck with work from home sites. However, I am not alone in having issues with the company. I'll even give credit where credit is due, mysteryshopgigs was/is updating their systems and software. As expected some issues may arise, but the lack of personal communication and lack of resolution to the issues that arise does put a bad light on the company.

If they are able to fix these issues and work on better communication, it would be a great source for extra income. But based on my experience I can't say this is dependable income. So signup at your own risk, its a small time investment for the work.

If you have your own experience with MysteryShopGigs please feel free to share in the comment section. Look forward to hearing from you.

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