Monday, March 12, 2018

Should You Join CallCenter QA?

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Hi again, let me tell you about CallCenter QA. I was wondering the same thing about CallCenter QA is it real, do they pay?

I was pleasantly surprised when I received my pay on time as described. Which I have come to find is not very common with work from home jobs. I was really rather excited and wanted to share this opportunity.

CallCenter QA is a mystery shopping call center, where you call various company and evaluate customer service and knowledge then report your findings back to the company. Easy right?


  • They Pay $5 per call
  • They Pay On Time
  • Easy tasks
  • Flexible Hrs
  • Call availability 
  • Out of service or area numbers
If you have the opportunity to get in with CallCenter QA don't do what I did, which is complete 1 or 2 calls to see if it is a legit online company. Please do take advantage of this opportunity and complete all the calls given to you and earn that money. Rest assured you will be paid. 

Photo by Shopify

The Process
When you apply with CallCenter QA you will be asked to complete a test call and fill out an evaluation form to be approved. Once you're approved you will receive a list of calls to complete, all instructions included in the email. 
Just complete each call as directed and follow-up with the evaluation forms and that's it, all done. 

The company makes it very clear that this is not a "job" just a way to make extra money. Its the easiest money you will make. The bad thing is the calls available are limited so when you receive them be sure to do complete them all so you aren't missing out on the cash. 

They pay direct to paypal, be sure you have an account. Complete the calls when you have time, but check the time availability also some business do not accept calls after certain hours or on the weekends.

I would highly recommend applying if you're looking for extra cash. I use this site often and its one I will be sticking with. Check out more reviews about this company on Glassdoor.

As always your feedback is appreciated please leave your experience with this company or if you have job you would like reviewed let me know. 

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